When investing in farm machinery it is wise to invest in machinery suitable for your climatic and soil conditions of your landscape and country. This has been highlighted recently by Turkmenistan who is currently planning on purchasing farm machinery from US manufacturers whose machineries is most suitable to their climate and soil conditions. The Turkmenistan Government organization, Turkmenobahyzmat, is very close to finalizing a deal with American farm machinery brand John Deere and Case for procurement of spare parts, lubricants, wheels and other consumable resources.

Turkmenistan a leading producer of cotton who exports raw cotton to Russia, Iran, South Korea, Britain, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Singapore and the Baltic nations, is keen to improve the efficiency of its cotton producers. And investment in farm machinery and machinery parts which best match Turkmenistans climate and terrain, is seen as a wise investment for a country that intends to reap 1.109 million tons of raw cotton from 550,000 hectares.

With the cotton harvest usually running from August to October and around 7,000 tractors, 5,000 cotton cultivators, 2,200 sewing machines and other machinery, mainly being used during the current season, Turkmenistan is lining up for a busy few months of harvest. With the right farm machinery behind them suited to their country’s unique elements, production should be more efficient in future.