So we all know that the world has been irrevocably changed this year due to Covid 19. The global impact not only on the economy of individual countries but the global economy is yet to be realized but will no doubt be severe and long lasting. I don’t think anyone would have believed this time last year that both our personal and professional lives would be upended and changed so drastically overnight.

As most countries in rapid succession enforced lock downs the world metaphorically ‘stopped’ for the first time.  It’s an adjustment for everyone but out of adversity grows opportunities. None more so than in the construction machinery parts industry. Luckily we are seeing the reopening of construction projects in most countries. This gives much needed hope to many people who’s livelihood depend on not just completing existing projects but the commencement of planned ones.  When machines are operating, parts will be required. Not only genuine Volvoce parts but also aftermarket Volvo parts

Supply Chains

Many traditional supply chains have been disrupted and walk in over the counter sales are either not at all possible or very difficult. Companies are struggling to remain open while adhering to strict social distancing regulations for both their staff and customers. This is a big problem for both large and small companies alike. Companies are starting to think outside the box for alternative routes to market and ways to service their customer base. Likewise end users are looking for new ways to get the parts they require. Some people are using the down time to repair broken machines that might otherwise have been dismantled.

Luckily we are not in global Armageddon yet with the internet still very much active. Some people still isolated while working at home are using online sources for their needs and wants, like stock piling toilet paper! However generally what starts as personal online retail soon becomes commercial retail. People that would previously never look online for things like Volvo machinery parts, suddenly found themselves browsing in search engines and researching sites and companies they never knew existed.  

Alternative Sources

Some people are brand conscious and will only use genuine parts but don’t know there are options beyond their local Volvo dealer worldwide. Hundreds of breakers around the world have stocks of genuine volvo parts both new and used. With most courier companies fully operational they can deliver to you even during lock down. Regardless of whether you don’t have your Volvo parts catalog or the Volvo part number, you can often find the information online.

Our analysis shows that new users submitting part requests increased by 36% in Apr-May compared to Jan-Feb 2020.

We can only speculate as to the upsurge in online activity. However it’s probably safe to assume that when people have time on their hands they go online. With the implementation of social distancing, everyone has found new ways to connect with friends, family, colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Global Reach

For the last decade we at UrParts have been working tirelessly to get end users the best deals they can on their parts. Whether it’s a Volvo part number or a Komatsu part number or a Cat part number the principle is the same. By using an online platform to reach suppliers all over the world, you know you are accessing the best value parts in the world and not being forced to pay high prices locally, for the lack of options. 

  • Aftermarket
  • Genuine parts
  • Reconditioned Parts
  • Spurious Parts

Have fun and keep smiling 🙂

In the meantime, while we all patiently wait for the world to return to normality and we can wander freely, it’s not impossible to have a little fun. See life through a child’s eye and the possibilities are endless!!