Increased demand for farm machinery in developing world predicted for next 4 years
Some promising news for farm machinery, despite a decrease in demand from Europe and the US, farm machinery sales look set to increase in next 4 years thanks to increased demand in the developing world. Demand for agriculture equipment worldwide looks set to increase by 6.7% annually from now up to 2016 to $173.5 billion, despite a drop in demand in the Western countries, based on worldwide surveys and reports by

This proposed growth is predicted to be driven primarily through sales in rapidly developing nations such as China, Brazil and India who continue to update and mechanise their agricultural sectors. With these nations expanding population coupled with their strong economic growth, increasing demand is expected on agriculture with the onus on agricultural sectors in the regions to become more efficient and productive with the resultant rise in farm machinery sales expected.

Future market advances in this area will also come from smaller nations such as Thailand and Indonesia , expected to expand rapidly in agricultural demand up to 2016. In 2011 the Asia/Pacific region alone had more than twice the demand for agricultural machinery than any other area. Another region looking to update farm machinery and agriculture industry with future growth predicted is Brazil and other South America countries with large agriculture sectors such as Argentine.
With traditional market leaders, the industrialised regions of North America and Western Europe expected to record below average demand for farm equipment up to 2016, this shift in world demand for farm machinery should prove interesting.