Machinery Parts We wanted to create a marketplace where both buyers and sellers of new and used machinery parts could liaise. The idea evolved out of pure frustration in sourcing parts within the construction industry. Sourcing machinery partsĀ became next to impossible and quite simply a headache.

Why is this task so difficult?
Every machine consists of thousand of parts ranging from pieces that are very cheap such as replacement filters and seals to very expensive main components. What often tends to happen is that people don’t have a parts book for every machine they own which makes the task of buying replacement parts extremely difficult. Another problem is that the manufacturer does not always stamp every part with a part number. In many cases the owner is forced to go to the main dealer and pay whatever price they quote.

Sourcing Machinery Parts
However there are many suppliers that can supply the same part for a cheaper price, the problem is that the buyer has to find them, contact them all individually and compare prices etc. There is also a worldwide supply of used parts available from rebuilt parts to good used parts removed from damaged machines. These parts can offer a substantial saving but are often very difficult for the buyer to find. There are some existing websites that sell spare parts but they follow the shop format i.e. a part is advertised and in many cases it takes the buyer a long time to filter through the shop the find what they need.

Why is unique
We developed a new unique design based on an inquiry system that will match the buyers needs directly to the appropriate supplier. Phase 1 is concentrating on the construction industry but we have big plans that it could very easily transcend across many other industries e.g. Automobile Parts, Marine Parts, Aviation Parts etc.