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10,000 Requests and a 10,000 ft Drop!!

  In honour of our 10,000th Parts Request our very own and very brave Mary-Jane will be taking part in a Charity 10,000 ft Skydive this Saturday the 7th September! We don’t know what to be more excited about, 10,000 satisfied Buyers or 10,000 ft Free fall?!!? Good Luck Mary-Jane – we will be safe…

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Beware of Scammers

We have been made aware of a particularly nasty scam that everybody dealing across international borders should be aware of. Somebody hacked into their Yahoo email account and saw that they had agreed to purchase a machine.  After the vendor emailed the invoice they copied the invoice, changed the bank details and then contacted the…

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Poor summer sees a rise in sales of specialist farm machinery

Whilst the summer proved disastrous for many farmers with the wet weather making it difficult to harvest crops and allowing for poor grazing in water logged fields, it has proved to have some benefits for agriculture business sectors with an increased demand for specialist farm machinery that will provide solutions to the problems posed by…

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Farmers to condemn changes to proposed grants assessments

A new revival of the student grants scheme which will hit students from farming backgrounds looks set to be met with hostility from various farming groups. The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) has described as “lunacy” proposed changes to the assessments of third level maintenance grants. It is thought that the upcoming changes…

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Irish Farm Machinery Showroom Destroyed by Fire

A few weeks ago, a farm machinery showroom was destroyed following a devastating fire. It has been estimated that the damage accumulated to hundreds of thousands of euro. The fire occurred at Carroll’s Engineering in Funshog is a family business which has been operating for more than forty years.

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