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JCB Machinery Parts – Expansion in the Middle East

Good news for JCB and the Middle East! On October 3rd 2011 – JCB (world renowned Machinery Parts experts) announced that its international subsidiary, JCB parts International Co., Ltd., have opened its first branch office in the Middle East. JCB, who have slowly been building their presence in the Middle East since 1987, have situated…

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The Impact of the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami on Machinery Parts Ireland

Everyone will remember the earthquake that hit Japan in March 2011 which was followed by a tsunami. This devastating natural disaster had a profound affect on the country namely thousands of deaths as well as mass destruction of land and property. However, these were not the only implications of the disaster. What occurred in Japan…

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Machinery Factory Forced To Close following Chemical Spill

A toxic chemical accident that occurred in Wangaratta forces the factory to stay offline until the middle of January. The chemical spill occurred on Monday the 19th. Industry inspectors have ordered machinery at the Nuplex Resins plant, where the chemical spill occurred, to be shut off until the factory is given the all clear –…

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