Once you have diagnosed the problem with your machine you need to locate the replacement part and this task is much easier if you have the correct part number. These are a few ways to do this:

Locate The Part Number

1. Some parts like hydraulic cylinders will have the part number stamped onto the part and some others will have an identification plate with the number on it. Most Cat numbers have 7 digits with a dash after the first three such as 230-5743.


Locate The Serial Number

Locate your machine serial number from the serial plate which is normally located on the side of the cab. The serial number always starts as either 3 letters or a combination of letters and numbers, followed by the numbers. In this example, the serial number is S5M00248. With this go to www.parts.cat.com

Locate The Part Number

Click Parts Manuals on the top of the screen and then input your serial number. You can then type the part number you are looking for such as final drive in the example shown.

Blue = Group Part Number

If the part number is in BLUE, it’s a Group part number that you can click on. This opens a new page showing the breakdown of that group into further individual part numbers

No Luck? Add A Part Description

If nothing is available when you type a part description into the box then leave it blank and search with just the serial number.

This will give the full overview of the machine and you can drill down further by clicking the relevant area. This type of search will also get the build date of your machine.

By exploring this area of Cat’s website you will quickly learn how it works and should be able to get any part number you need for your cat machine.

Once the part number is obtained go to www.urparts.com to submit a parts request and you will quickly receive a number of quotes for either New or Used parts, whichever you prefer.

That’s all folks… Similar tips for other manufactures will follow soon.