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Cummins Inc Build their Two-Millionth Ram Diesel For Chrysler Group

Deriving from a partnership that runs four decades, Cummins parts Inc has produced its 2-millionth diesel engine for Ram Trucks. The engine will not go into service, it will infact go on display and tour the U.S. The engine boasts 350 horsepower, 6.7-liter, in-line 6-cylinder turbo diesel and has the “Cummins Red” rocker cover and…

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Mitsubishi Machinery and Autos to Open New Plant – creating 400 jobs

Mitsubishi Machinery and Autos have announced that they are to open a new plant in Fort Smith which is expected to create roughly 400 new jobs. It is said that Fort Smith is about to experience a rapid economical boost thanks to Mitsubishi’s announcement. There has been about a year and a half of speculation…

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Mitsubishi Machinery Parts admits Data may have been Stolen during Cyber Attacks

Only one month after Mitsubishi Machinery Parts claimed there was “no possibility” that data was stolen following cyber-attacks, the company is now admitting it’s “possible.” This would mean that some sensitive information may have been stolen. The attack occurred when information had been moved from one server to another and it was possible the data…

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Ford Machinery Parts to Cut Costs

A leading product cost management software provider has been selected by Ford Machinery Parts in a bid to reduce its product and tooling costs. The auto machinery parts company have decided that it is now necessary to cut down on costs. It has been said that Ford Motor Company stocks were at 11.7 at the…

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